Expression of Interest 

 Northern Region Aboriginal Alliance (NRAA) is the Regional Aboriginal Body who will drive the process allowing Aboriginal people greater control in decision making in our local area.

The NRAA committee who oversee this process will have ten (10) members and  will comprise of two representatives from the NSW Aboriginal Land Council Northern Region and one representative from Incorporated Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations who are aligned to one of the eight (8) portfolios below:​

  • Land & Cultural Heritage 

  • Education 

  • Economic Development & Employment

  • Housing

  • Community Healing, Well-being Children & Families  

  • Social Justice

  • Health (including Aged Care and Disabilities)

  • Arts

NRAA are currently seeking expression of interests for the following vacant portfolios:

  • Education  

  • Economic Development & Employment

  • Community Healing, Well-being, Children & Families



Roles and Responsibilities - The NRAA committee are accountable for:

• fostering collaboration and collective thinking

• advocating the removal of obstacles to the successful program service delivery

• maintaining at all times the focus of the NRAA agreed Terms Of Reference

• monitoring and managing the factors outside the NRAA control that are critical to its’ success.

The membership of the NRAA Committee will commit to:

• attending all scheduled NRAA meetings or where necessary, arranging attendance by a deputy

• wholeheartedly champion the partnership within and outside of area of responsibility


• endeavour to make timely decisions and action so as to not unduly hold up projects and/or processes

of NRAA.

Members of the NRAA Committee will expect:

that each member will be provided with complete, accurate and meaningful information in a timely manner

• to be given reasonable time to make key decisions

• to be diligent in relation to forecasting potential risks and issues that could impact projects, as they arise

• open and honest discussions, without resorting to any misleading assertions

• ongoing ‘health checks’ to verify the overall status and ‘health’ of the NRAA

• Resources to assist.

Resources and Remuneration

NRAA received State Government Funding which is used for operational expenses including to support regular meetings between NRAA members to exchange information, problems solve and action plans. While the funding will be used to cover expenses such as venue hire, catering, some transport and accommodation (e.g flights to out of area meetings), the member organisations (the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation you represent) are also required to contribute to allow the maximum of funds to be used at a community level. For example, the member organisation would provide a vehicle, fuel and cover the salary of their staff while they perform duties for NRAA.

Reimbursement for travel and accommodation is as per the travel policy which can be found on the website.

Please note that NRAA DO NOT pay sitting fees.

Once an EOI is accepted you will be invited to attend committee meeting and offered the opportunity to do a 3-minute talk to the portfolios members you represent before the election takes place. (Please note that only members within the portfolio you represent will vote on your portfolio).


For more information

For more information, please see our online resources including the Operational Rules, Statement of Claim and About pages. You can also contact the Chairperson or Project Officer.



How to lodge an EOI

  1. To get a copy of the expression of interest form you can click on the W link or contact the Chairperson or Project Officer 

  2. Have your application endorsed by the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation you represent

  3. Email it along with any supporting information




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